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Sunday, April 02, 2006

"Eco Challage: Portland Greens Donoghue and Marshall will run against Gorham and Geraghty" by Sara Donnelly in April 4, 2006

Portland Greens announced today which two members will run for city council in their bid to weaken the Dems' control over the city's primary governing body (see last edition's "Portland's Greens Go for the Council" by yours truly). Kevin Donoghue, the 27-year-old co-chair of the Portland Green Independent Committee and a student at USM's Muskie School of Public Service, will challenge incumbent Will Gorham, who has lately generated a lot of free press by advocating for fewer bars in the Old Port. A bit about Donoghue: He's super-excited to be here and spent his free time last year drafting alternate routes for all of the city's buses and trying in vain to get Portland METRO to check them out.

Dave Marshall, 28, is an artist and activist who owns Pine Street Studios in the West End and works as a Time Dollar Coordinator and Service Works Supervisor at Portland West. A bit about Marshall: He has a tiny brown dog and the paintings inside his gallery are so bright you can see them from the sidewalk.

In an e-mail sent out today to "Editors and Reporters of the Local Press," Donoghue and party co-chair Rebecca Minnick write that Donoghue and Marshall are running to fight a "lack of vision and respect for citizen review" on the council. Since the city council is technically non-partisan, the Greens will not run as party affiliates but will seek the party's endorsement.

In an interesting twist, Greens Donoghue and Marshall are calling for a limit on the green. They vow to only accept pledges donated from Portland residents and businesses and only those in amounts of $100 or less. And they want Gorham and Geraghty to promise to do the same. No word yet on whether they will.

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