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Monday, May 22, 2006

"Greens Dump State Leaders" by Ed King in the West End News: May 24, 2006

Maine’s Green Independent Party began its annual party convention with a bang on May 19th by voting to replace the entire state party leadership with a complete new slate of officers. Three prominent Portland Greens were elected to take the party in a new direction, on the second day of the two-day convention. Neighborhood activist and former City Council candidate Carol Schiller, and party strategist Ben Chipman are now part of the 5-member state committee, which also includes former gubernatorial candidate Jonathan Carter. Portland Green Party Chair Kevin Donoghue was elected a national representative.

There are twelve announced Green candidates in the state this year – all of them in Cumberland County. Six Greens are elected officials in the City of Portland – four school board members, one member of the Portland Water Board, and West End state legislator John Eder.

Green Independent Party gubernatorial candidate Pat LaMarche addressed about 40 Greens at the convention on May 20th, delivering a critical ‘State of the State’ address in which she touched on such topics as health care, education, energy, and the economy.

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