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Thursday, May 11, 2006

"LaMarche Wins League's Dating Game" by Ed King in the West End News: May 10, 2006

Green Party gubernatorial candidate Patricia LaMarche beat out opponents Peter Mills, Davy Jones and Christopher Miller at the The League’s “ReEmergence” event on May 6th, making her its choice as The League’s 2006 political prom queen.. The League event included music, dancing and a Gubernatorial Candidates Forum staged as a political version of “The Dating Game”.

The questions posed by voters ranged from political to personal to serious to social:
- Are you pro-choice or pro-life?
- What are you listening to on your CD player right now?
- Do you believe there should be equal benefits and wages in the workplace?
- How do you believe we should take on the burning issues of construction debris and the environment?

The candidates were concealed behind a privacy screen - allowing for anonymity – and placing the focus on the depth and substance of the answers, as opposed to the personality and verve of the individual candidates. By a show of audience applause, the winning “date” was chosen.

The League made a point of stating that the results were not an official endorsement, despite the applause LaMarche received from the youthful crowd. LaMarche received a bouquet of red tulips and box of chocolates for her victory.

“Now that our mutual affection is a matter of public record, I look forward to my next date with them on November 7th,” she concluded.

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