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Friday, June 22, 2007

Update on Bush/Putin Protest in Kennebunkport

Here is an update regarding the planned protest of President Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin, both of which will be in Maine next weekend. Lets let them hear about what we think about how they are treating our world.

Forwarded to me by Jaqcui Deveneau

Dear friends,

United for Peace and Justice has endorsed this event and encourages you to attend. Please see below and for further details.

******************CITIZENS SUMMIT & PROTEST MARCH**********************

Sunday, July 1 -- PROTEST RALLY & MARCH when Bush meets Putin in Kennebunkport

1:00 PM: Assemble at the VILLAGE GREEN in Kennebunkport, ME

MARCH to the BUSH COMPOUND -- permits granted.

People of conscience will converge on Kennebunkport, ME, for a rally and march.

We are calling for an immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq and the removal of permanent bases. We will also be drawing attention to the need to hold both BUSH and CHENEY accountable for the illegal war in Iraq, the mutilation of our Constitution, the evisceration of habeas corpus, torture and war crimes, warrantless surveillance of Americans, abuses of power, and the list goes on ...

INTERNATIONAL MEDIA, NATIONAL MEDIA, the WHITE HOUSE PRESS CORP and our local news media will be present, so

**************please pass this on!!!! ******************************

Speakers will include:

John Kaminski, president of MAINE LAWYERS for DEMOCRACY
Peter Kellman, president of the SOUTHERN MAINE LABOR COUNCIL
Congressman Dennis Kucinich
Melida and Carlos Arredondo from MILITARY FAMILIES SPEAK OUT

MUSIC includes Pat Scanlon and band

STREET THEATER: We will be mourning the loss of LADY LIBERTY, as a 7'-tall
statue of her will be lying in a casket. People are asked to wear black and join in the funeral procession.

LOGISTICS and HOUSING: Please visit the website:
For more info, contact organizer Jamilla

The Kennebunk PEACE Department, Maine Lawyers for Democracy and
The Maine Campaign to Impeach
Hi friends,
Could you please send an email out to your lists in hope that I can borrow some items for the CITIZENS' SUMMIT.

I need:
a tent which can cover a stage that is 8x12'.
a smaller (pop up) tent that I can use as a media sign in tent

2 folding tables
many folding chairs, lawn chairs OK, for the elderly.

NOTE>>>> YOU ARE INVITED to a bbq/party on Saturday evening at Jamilla and Bob's house. Please let me know if any of your people will be camping at
my house or will be sleeping at the UU church in Kennebunk. If so, bring air mattresses. The UU church requesta a $5. donation per person.
Everyone needs to be out before 8:30 am on Sunday. We will pick up

church campers and bring to my house for breakfast. Donations appreciated.
THANK YOU ONE and ALL for helping make this event a big success.
peace, Jamilla

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