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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ever Thought of Running for Office...?

Have you ever thought about running for office?  
Portland Greens Want You!

2011 is an election year in Portland for municipal positions.

The Portland Green Independent Committee is seeking candidates  for:
   School Board
   City Council
   Water District

As well as 2012 legislative offices in Portland and across Maine.
YOU can be part of the Green movement for transparency and a better Portland!
*Did you know...that Portland has the most elected Greens per-capita in the United States?*
If you have ever thought about running for these offices or others, contact the Portland Greens:
Maine Greens are more than a political party. We are Mainers who believe that values are what can save this State, her People, this Country and the World. Values are what set us apart. Values are what we place our belief in, what we raise our families on, go to our jobs with, and expect our elected
officials to uphold.
What We Stand For:
     * Grassroots Democracy
     * Social Justice And Equal Opportunity
     * Ecological Wisdom
     * Non-Violence
     * Decentralization
     * Community-based Economics And Economic Justice
     * Feminism And Gender Equity
     * Respect For Diversity
     * Personal And Global Responsibility
     * Future Focus And Sustainability

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