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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Portland Green Independents Champion Rejection of Corporate Personhood

The Portland Green-Independent Party commends the Portland City Council for its passage of a resolution calling for a Constitutional amendment abolishing the concept of “corporate personhood.”

The Council passed the resolution in a 6-2 decision Wednesday night. The resolution specifically calls on Maine’s Congressional representatives to support a Constitutional amendment overturning the Supreme Court’s recent, highly controversial decision, Citizens United v. FEC. That ruling allows corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money on political advertising, thus further entrenching the influence of powerful business interests in elections. Councilor and Green Party member, David Marshall introduced the resolution, which he helped draft with members of the Portland Greens, the League of Young Voters and Occupy Maine protesters. The resolution was co-sponsored by Councilor Kevin Donoghue and Mayor Michael Brennan.

Though the resolution is largely symbolic, it nonetheless generated over an hour of public testimony from concerned citizens from in and around Portland. While Councilor Cheryl Leeman, one of the two dissenting votes, along with Councilor John Coyne, questioned whether it is the City Council’s place to take a stand on such a broad, national issue, most of the resolution’s proponents who showed up for the vote believed it is.

“It is absolutely the business of the City Council,” said Portland Green, Anna Trevorrow in her public comments. “The community has come together and asked you to make a statement.”

The Portland Greens offer their gratitude to the City Councilors who voted in favor of the resolution and to Councilor Marshall for proposing the measure. We also extend our thanks to the various local progressive groups who worked with us on crafting the language of the resolution—specifically members of Occupy Maine and the Portland branch of the League of Young Voters.

"The PGIC looks forward to taking this fight to end corporate personhood to the next level. We hope others will join us in our efforts," said Adam Marletta, Chair of the Portland Green Independent Committee.

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