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Friday, June 01, 2007

Hello Friends!
Kevin and I were able to figure out how to hand the reins to me for this Blog and hopefully we can use it as a primary means of communication. I encourage people to make suggustions for the blog so its not just articles but also a forum for elected officials and supported candidates to let people know about what is going on in our fair city and fair state. I'll start the process by saying that yesterday, May 31st there was a great showing at Franklin Towers discussing the potential, adn changes for Franlin Arterial. Also the League of Young Voters threw a rockin party and people learned about the bonds and library issues.

As for future events- June 16th is the Annual Pride Parade here in Portland. Jacqui Devaneau has helped to organize it but needs assistance for occupying the table at the end of the parade, where all the fun goes down in Deering Oaks park.
From Jacqui: Hi All, Here is the info on the Gay Pride Day July 16th. We need to have the tabling set up in Deering Park by 11am, but the line up for the Parade is 10:30am at Monument Square, so it would be great if there were one or two folks who don't plan to march in the Parade to stay at the table 10am-1pm. So if any of you can help either table[the Fest goes 1-5pm] or plan to march please let me know so we can coordinate.

Thanks Jacqui!

Please contact me or Jacqui if you are able to help out for a bit during the parade/gathering.

Other things to keep on the radar: Green Independence Day at Councilor Kevin Donoghues place (44 North St.) Kevin and I discussed making this part of the beer bike and barbecue event- and having the bike portion the following saturday for the maine bike rally in yarmouth- what are your thoughts on this?

Thanks Folks!


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