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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Bush/Putin Protest a two-fer!

As you may or may not know President Bush will be meeting with Russian President Vladmir Putin in Kennebunkport on July 1st and 2nd. A protest has been organized so that we can show the twin administrations that we want neither of them to build missle shields, and incase hes had a change of heart to let Georgie know we want our soldiers back home with their families! Here is the information that was sent to me.

For those traveling from outside the area you can take the AMTRAK DownEaster to Wells on Saturday Jule 30Th. It will be arriving at the following times :
leaves North Station Boston 9:05 arrives in Wells 10:53
11:05 12:53
5:00pm 6:48pm
6:20pm 8:13pm
**please note that we will provide shuttle service from the Wells station to Kennebunk. However, you need to contact our logistics person Jamilla to let us know to expect you and your group. NO SHUTTLE SERVICE ON SUNDAY as we will be busy getting folks to Kennebunkport

The UU church in Kennebunk is allowing folks to sleep on their floor overnight
for a $5.00 donation. Bring your air mattress.
People who sleep at the UU church must leave at 8:30am so that they can get ready for church services. Someone will pick everyone up at 8:30am and people will go to Jamilla's house for breakfast (donations accepted) then we will shuttle people to Kennebunkport .

Jamilla has offered her property as a place to camp (by reservation). When that site fills up we have another site for camping near by. You may take a shower at Jamilla's but please bring towels and toiletries. We will provide a shuttle to
CONTACT: Jamilla at

Please take rt#95 ether north or south and get off the Kennebunk exit.
Turn on rt#35 S towards Kennebunk. In less than a minute after getting off the exit you will see the Kennebunk High School on your left. We have permission to park there for the day. The shuttle service will start at 10:00am to Kennebunkport.
IMPORTANT** please come early and you can go into Kennebunkport and sight see. Since we only one a limited space on our shuttle if everyone comes closer to 12:00 or 1:00 we may not be able to get you to the rally on time.
LIMITED PARKING at the North Street lot, however, I would not risk getting stuck in heavy traffic so it is best to park at the High School
DO NOT ATTEMPT to enter Kennebunkport via the Wells and rt # 9 . I can promise that you will be stuck in traffic for at least 45 minutes if you do that.

RALLY will begin at 1:00pm but we will have music before hand.
Keynote speakers include:
David Swanson, founder of "After Downing Street"
John Kaminsky, president of Maine Lawyers for Democracy
Melida and Carlos Arredondo, a military family who lost their son Carlos
in Iraq on August 25,05.

If you have any questions please contact me


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