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Friday, November 16, 2007



For Immediate Release

November 15, 2007

Jane Meisenbach, Chair, (207) 883-0509, (207) 841-9138 (cell);
Pat LaMarche, Delegate (207) 671-0190 (cell);

Cynthia McKinney Files to Run for President as a Green

McKinney in Maine raising awareness and funds in the Nation's Green
Party stronghold.

Harpswell, Maine - Cynthia McKinney, former six-term Democrat
Congresswoman from Georgia and first African-American woman to
represent Georgia in the U.S. House, was a guest at a breakfast
gathering of mostly Greens at the home of Green Independent Party
Chair, Jane Meisenbach. It was one of the first stops on McKinney's
campaign tour since filing with the Federal Elections Commission
declaring her run for president on the Green Party ticket.

McKinney, who had recently moved to California, changing her party
affiliation from Democrat to Green Party, explained to those gathered
that with the critical issues facing the country, the values and the
platform of the Green Party made the most sense and were most aligned
with her own values and platform.

"It is high time that we get down to the work that will make all
people feel included in an American society that benefits everyone,"
said McKinney. "There is so much we can do to significantly reduce
poverty, address this country's crumbling infrastructure, create
meaningful jobs, provide quality health care for all, mend foreign
relations, deal with climate change and re-prioritize dynamics of war
and conflict."

"My campaign will draw many women, people of color and disaffected
voters from every party into the Green Party," McKinney continued. "I
don't care if someone is red, black, white, brown, yellow or polka
dot," she exclaimed. "I will work with anyone."

McKinney said she had recently returned from a visit to the Austrian
Green Party where they have transformed a city into a model green
society with zero global warming. She described several primary
issues of her campaign, including creating a greatly expanded job
market to repair the infrastructure that is dangerously declining
coast to coast, rehabilitating and building new structures with green
materials and technology and developing other sustainable
technologies. Reducing war budgets and allocating funds to these and
other projects would result in a swing upward for America.

Bruce Gagnon, Coordinator of Global Network Against Weapons and
Nuclear Power in Space, attended the event. Gagnon, not a Green,
addressed the gathering and declared that he was switching to the
Green Party so he could support McKinney's campaign.

"Cynthia defines winning as helping to build the Green Party into a
viable party," said Gagnon. "That gives future generations a place to
go for political expression and change. Her ability to attract women,
people of color and disaffected Democrats and Republicans will surely
provide the Green Party the kind of boost they have long needed," he
said. "How many times have I heard activists ask, 'How do we develop
connections to the Black community so we can work together?,'" Gagnon
asked. "Now is our chance."

McKinney spent election day helping Green candidates in Portland and
attended their election night victory celebration. Green, John Anton,
won his campaign for Portland City Council, defeating long-time
incumbent, Jim Cloutier and coming in first, ahead of another
incumbent, Jill Dusan. Anton joins Greens David Marshall and Kevin
Donoghue on the City Council.

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Cynthia McKinney is not a nice person. This will hurt the Green Party