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Friday, November 23, 2007

PGIC December Meeting: 12/2/07

Hello All,

There will be a Portland Greens business meetings on December 2nd- and there is a lot of business.
Meeting: Sunday Dec. 2nd, 5 PM, 103 Grant St. #1. (My apartment)
Tentative Agenda:

07 Election: Wins, Loses, what worked and what did not.

08 Elections: We have plenty of seats that we should field candidates for. Just a few to think over as to whether to contest of not, and if so who:
House seats: 113 (Braughtigam) 114 (Marley), 115 (Cummings *TERMED OUT*), 116 (Harlow), 117(Haskell), 118 (Hinck), 119 (Adams), 120 (Rand)

Senate: 8 (Strimling- open) 9. (Brannigan)

City Council: Suslovic's At Large seat, Leeman District 4, Cohen District 5

School Committee: Susan Hopkins At Large (Green, has stated she will not run for re-elect), District 4 (Gramlich) District 5 Coyne

Water district Trustee: Erek Gaines: Green has stated he would like to run again.

There may be more seats we want to discuss.

As Per the change in the bylaws in the spring, my term as chairman will expire with the commencement of this meeting, so we will need to decide who should take over as chair of the Portland greens. I will not seek another term as I intend to run for office in November.

Please tell any and all registered Greens about this meeting, I will attempt to call folks who have come to meetings in the past, although I unfortunately do not have a comprehensive phone list.

Dan Jenkins

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Anonymous said...

keep us involved! meetings, canvassing, fundraisers, byobs ha!

olivia and graham