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Monday, February 11, 2008

Caucus, and call to action on I-295 widening plans

If you didn't know that Dan Jenkins has stepped down from the committee to run for House 119, and Brian Chick is the new chair, you know now.

We held the caucus yesterday, I'd like to thank everyone who helped and was involved. Cynthia McKinney won with 77% of the votes. Here's to good luck in her campaign!

Most importantly, please attend a meeting at The Doubletree Hotel, 1230 Congress St. at 7pm on Tuesday the 12th to have your voice heard. In short, the funding of our local transportation priorities will be discussed, and we want to let them know that mass transit comes first.

For those who want to commute there in appropriate style, there will be a #5 Bus departing 6:15 from the Elm Street Metro Pulse. Please have $1.25 exact fare, and join our 'buspool.'

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