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Friday, June 06, 2008

County Commission Write in Candidate and Citizens Initiative news!

Hello friends,

A couple of exciting news tidbits,

Captain Bill Linnell is running as a write in candidate for County Commission as a Green Independent. We currently have no candidate on the ballot for that office. He needs 150 Greens to write him in so that he will appear on the November general election ballot. Here is a message from Bill:"City Councilors Dave Marshall and Kevin Donoghue have asked me to accept the Green Independent Party nomination for County Commissioner. I have accepted the challenge, and need 150 write-in nominations this Tuesday, June 10, in order to be put on the ballot this November. I'm asking you to put this information in your wallet and make sure to write in your vote for me on Tuesday (and check off the box). We'll Take it from there!"

Thank You,
Captain Bill Linnell

A second important issue that many Greens are working on here in Portland, is a citizens municipal initiative to retain the number of polling places at the current number of 16. The city council recently passed a budget that would reduce the number of polling places to six! Citizens on Great Diamond and Cliff Islands would be forced to take a ferry to the mainland to vote on election day, an $11 round trip fare! Other Portlanders will find their travel to the poll greatly increased, as well as the probability of longer lines at the polls. We are collecting the 1500+ signatures we need to put an ordinance question on November's ballot and we need both your help and your signature! If you are available to help collect signatures on primary day this Tuesday please call Ben Chipman at 318-4961.

Thank you all

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