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Monday, November 24, 2008

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Portland Green Independent Committee elects two new officers

Recent City Council at-large candidate, Tina Smith elected to replace Brian Chick as the new Portland Green Independent Committee Chair

Local Green Independent activist, Liz McMahon elected to fill position of Secretary vacated by Patrick Banks

Portland, Maine – Tina Smith, a well-known community organizer, youth activist and recent candidate for City Council at-large was elected Portland Green Independent Committee (PGIC) Chair at a meeting last night.

“There’s still a lot of fresh energy kicking around after the election lending us the opportunity to connect with the community, to define who we are and what we represent so clearly people are compelled to engage with issues effecting us all,” said Smith.

A couple of elected Green Independents expressed enthusiasm for Smith’s stepping into this role.

"Tina has a unique talent of reaching deeply into the community to engage and empower people who might not otherwise come to define our politics or the future of our great city," states former PGIC Chair and District 1 Councilor, Kevin Donoghue.

District 2 Councilor, Dave Marshall agrees, "It is exciting to see the Portland Green Independent Committee growing with activists. Tina Smith will be a great Chair as she has a proven track record of both engaging new voices around local issues and advocating for the key values for the Portland Green Independents."

Smith hopes to bring energy, organization, public awareness and fun to the Portland Green Independent party. She feels Liz McMahon, newly elected Secretary, has the best skills to get the party organized.

“Liz has been a highly organized force in the successes of Green Independent candidates in Portland for a while,” said Smith.

Liz McMahon is thrilled to serve as she states, "We have a vivacious and dedicated Green Party in Portland. I'm looking forward to serving on the Portland Green-Independent board, where some of the most progressive voices in our city are coming together. Let's make Portland a model for the rest of the country with a thriving Green-Independent Party!"

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