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Monday, January 03, 2011

PGIC Featured in Portland Phoenix

From the Portland Phoenix:

2011 predictions: Winds of chance

By DEIRDRE FULTON | December 29, 2010

Maine Greens
For years, local and state Green Partiers have worked to raise awareness and support around two issues: bringing an elected mayor to Portland, and ranked-choice voting, the electoral system where voters indicate their candidates in order of preference. In 2011, as both those concepts become reality in Portland, Greens will take the next logical steps.

"The party will be gearing up for a Green mayor run in 2011," says Anna Trevorrow, chair of the Portland Green Independent Committee and steering committee member of the state party, for which she also serves as spokesperson. She doesn't say who, yet, but voters can expect to see a Green Party representative running this fall. "To give names at this point would be a bit premature. No one has officially declared. We can say that with the experience our members have gained over the years in elected office, we have some strong prospects from among our ranks," Trevorrow says.

The party also plans to leverage the state's first experience with ranked-choice voting (which will be used in the elected mayor campaign) to "liven the RCV buzz" around Maine, Trevorrow says in an e-mail to the Phoenix. The MGIP "is working on expanding local committee infrastructure throughout the state, focusing on key municipalities and regions," she adds, both in "key urban areas, which are prime to develop (or in some cases re-develop) strong local committees, and [in] rural areas where our membership base has been under-developed."

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