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Monday, January 03, 2011

Portland Green Independent Committee Elects Officers, Sets Sights on 2011 Mayor Race

Portland: The Portland Green Independent Committee held its annual meeting on Saturday, December 18th. At the annual meeting the PGIC elected new officers and outlined party goals for the upcoming year. Newly elected officers include Anna Trevorrow, Chair; Anthony Zeli, Secretary; and Seth Berner, Treasurer.

Trevorrow has served as Chair of the Maine Green Independent Party State Steering Committee, and as an elected member of the Portland Charter Commission. Most recently, Trevorrow ran for State Representative in Portland’s 120th District. Zeli currently serves as Treasurer of the Maine Green Independent Party, and ran for Portland's District 2 School Committee seat in 2009. Berner is a longtime peace & justice activist who owns his own law practice. He recently ran for State Representative in Portland’s 115th District.

“This is an important year for the PGIC,” said Trevorrow, “The PGIC is well-known for its work to establish an elected mayoral position in Portland. That work has culminated, this year, in a mayor position to be popularly elected by a system of ranked choice voting next November. We plan to run a vigorous Green Mayor campaign, and to do public education surrounding the ranked choice system. Inspired by the near-victory on municipal Question 4 this November, we also plan to continue work on the issue of legal resident voting rights.”

Green Independent City Councilors David Marshall and Kevin Donoghue advocated for an elected mayor proposal during their first terms in office, and Marshall later became a proponent of forming the 2009 Portland Charter Commission to examine the issue. Green Independent elected Charter Commissioners Trevorrow and Ben Chipman were instrumental in shaping the elected mayor proposal put forth by the Charter Commission. The proposal passed at the polls this November.

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