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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Greens thank Green city councilors for supporting increased tipped wages

Greens thank Green city councilors for supporting increased tipped wages
Majority Democrats voted unanimously to oppose higher wages for tipped workers

PORTLAND- The Portland Green Independent Committee thanked David Marshall and Kevin Donoghue, the two members on the Portland City Council who were elected as Greens, for opposing cuts to the wages of tipped workers on Wednesday evening. It noted with disappointment that the majority of the City Council (members of the Democratic Party) voted to reduce wages for Portland’s hard-working tipped workers. Both

“Statistics show that tipped workers make poverty-level wages, yet they will not see an increase in their paychecks now because of the Democratic Party councilors.” said mayoral candidate Tom MacMillan.

Two polls this year indicate strong support for a $15/hour Living Wage in the city among all voters. An April poll by Public Policy Polling indicated that 55% of likely voters support the measure first put forth by the Greens. An August poll by the Maine People’s Resource Center indicated that the measure held an 8% lead over the No campaign. Jack Safarik, PGIC treasurer, noted this apparent contradiction, saying “If you are a registered Democrat and support living wages, it is obvious that the locally elected Democratic officials do not agree. Statistical evidence shows that raising the minimum wage is better for the economy. If you agree, we urge you to join the Greens and build a political party and movement committed to living wages for all”.

Mako Bates, PGIC secretary and state party treasurer noted that the movement for a living wage is alive and well, saying “Portland voters have the chance to increase the wages of all workers by voting Yes on 1 this November in favor of An Ordinance Toward a Living Wage. Tipped workers deserve the dignity of a living wage just as much as all other working people and voting Yes will ensure that happens in Portland”.

The Green Party of the United States and Maine Green Independent Party have supported living wages for all workers since the party was founded over thirty years ago.

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